Alain Berger

Vice President, Customer Support & Services

Alain Berger

Alain began his career in 1991 with LMB, a specialist in ventilation and electric motors for aeronautics, successively as Sales Engineer, Sales Director and then Deputy Director.

In 2000, Alain joined Labinal1 as Sales, Support & Services Director of Technofan2. In 2007, he joined Hispano-Suiza3 as Head of the Sales Department, then he was promoted to Sales and Customer Services Vice-President in 2010. In January 2014, he took on the role of Sales, Marketing & Services VP at Safran Electrical & Power. In April 2017, Alain was named Vice President Sales, Services and Programs of Safran Electrical & Power covering in addition the Program management function. In October 2019, Alain took over the responsibility of Strategy and was appointed VP Sales, Services, Programs & Strategy of Safran Electrical & Power. In September 2020, he joined Safran Nacelles as Vice President Sales and Marketing.

Alain Berger, 55, graduated from Polytech Clermont-Ferrand (1991).

1 Today, Safran Electrical and Power
2 Today, Safran Ventilation Systems
3 Today, Safran Transmission Systems

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