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Safran Nacelles’ plant in Hamburg, located near the Airbus plant and the Hamburg airport, covers some 20,000 square meters (216,000 sq ft). It is dedicated to the integration of nacelles on the CFM International engines powering the Airbus A320neo, prior to delivery to the Airbus final assembly line at Hamburg-Finkenwerder.



Safran Nacelles' Hamburg plant is at the heart of the German aerospace cluster in this region.

The new plant reflects Safran's strategy of staying close to its customer Airbus to support the strong ramp-up in production rates for the A320neo, powered by LEAP-1A engines from CFM International1. Up and running since September 2016, this plant is Safran Nacelles' second facility dedicated to nacelle integration for the Airbus A320neo, after Toulouse in France.

The Hamburg plant spans some 8,000 square meters of floorspace dedicated to the assembly of all nacelle components – air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser and exhaust system – and the painting and assembly of the final set of engine accessories (EBU: Engine Build Up). It also offers reception spaces for airline representatives who take delivery of their integrated propulsion systems (engine and nacelle), and perform a final inspection, before these systems are shipped to the Airbus final assembly line in Hamburg.

The plant currently has 80 employees, including machinists, painters, inspectors, support staff and employees who provide direct support at the customer's final assembly line. by 2020, the plant should count about 100 employees.

Both the building itself and its tools and equipment draw on Safran Nacelles' 20 years of experience in applying Lean precepts2, enabling the company to create a facility organized for highly efficient workflows. The plant features a modular design, which means it can be completely reorganized in just a few minutes, giving it the flexibility needed to adapt to fluctuations in production rates. Designed along with the architecture firm Goldbeck, the plant does not have any support pillars in the middle of production zones. All machinery is mounted on wheels or air cushions for easy displacement. In addition, energy sources have been placed higher up to make production lines more adaptable. This type of organization has become the benchmark across Safran.

1 - CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE.
2 - Lean Manufacturing is an organizational method that supports faster, more efficient and less expensive manufacturing.


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