Safran Nacelles in the United Kingdom

Located in the Northwest region where it is the leading private-sector employer, Safran Nacelles has 450 employees in its site in Burnley.

Safran Nacelles Burnley


Burnley is the epitome of a traditional manufacturing town in the north of England. Originally, a centre of the textile industry, it is now renowned for engineering and aerospace expertise, with continuous aerospace engineering having taken place at Safran Nacelles' Burnley site for 70 years.

Since Safran Nacelles took over the Hurel Dubois site in 2005, Burnley has undergone significant regeneration and inward investment, including a new direct rail link to Manchester, new secondary schools and university campuses and two new business parks – one of which, Innovation Drive, is Safran Nacelles' "supplier village".

As the town's largest private sector employer, Safran Nacelles has been instrumental in this process, as a founding member of the town's Bondholder network – a consortium of businesses and the local authority, that has worked to transform the town's fortunes.


Safran Nacelles Ltd
Bancroft Road, Burnley
Lancashire. BB10 2TQ.
Tel : +44(0) 1282 419300

Services Information Contact:

Aziz Ouabbou : 01 61 65 67 24

James Pires : 02 32 20 40 12


Safran Nacelles' Burnley facility has a tremendous history and heritage in the aerospace industry and benefits from excellent products, processes and people.

The site boasts a world-class composites facility and excellent skills in sheet metal – as you'd expect from a business at the heart of the North West of England - the largest concentration of aerospace companies outside the USA.

Given the Burnley site's expertise in composites, sheet metal, thrust reverser and final assembly, the site plays a critical role in manufacturing, alongside Le Havre and Morocco. With podding in Toulouse, Hamburg and the US, this enables Safran Nacelles to offer a fully podded cell to air-framers. This is where Burnley fits within Safran Nacelles and why the site is such an active supporter of the initiative.

Safran Nacelles' Burnley site is synonymous with the manufacture of nacelle systems and thrust reversers. In recent years, the site had been primarily associated with the Airbus A330, but is now embarking on new programmes such as the Airbus A320neo and Comac C919. With the Airbus A330 also having a new engine option, the site will be able to offer a broader product portfolio.

Our nacelle systems support the aircraft aerodynamics by ensuring the flow of primary flow (flow entering the engine compressor) and secondary (stream flowing around the engine); aircraft acoustics, by reducing engine noise; aircraft braking, via the thrust reverser system; and aircraft safety, by ensuring the containment of engine fires or debris during incidents.

At Safran Nacelles, we share Safran's group-wide commitment to improving our business and providing our employees with a great place to work. We take our role as Burnley's largest private sector employer very seriously and focus on providing high quality careers locally, but with global prospects. We have enthusiastically supported the regeneration of Burnley and have great pride in our beautiful area, its outstanding heritage and its excellent residential offer.

Robert Payne
SQA Engineer
M: +44 (0)7824820138
T: +44 (0)1282 419300 Ext 170

Mark Wheeler
SQA Co-ordination (A320neo, C919, F7X, Gulfstream, A380))
M: +44 (0)7854891012
T: +44 (0)1282 419300 Ext 596

Peter Harrison
SQA Engineer
M: +44(0)7896691852
T: +44 (0)1282 419300 Ext 203

Darren  Storey
SQA Co-ordination (Trent 700, HTF7000, EMB145, CSSD)
M: +44(0) 7709184405
T: +44 (0)1282 419300 Ext 268

Darren Woodhead
SQA Engineer
M: +44(0)7920700608
T: +44(0)1282 419300 Ext 144

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