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The services that Safran Nacelles provides to its customers, airline companies, aircraft manufacturers and engine manufacturers, are guided by the same principles as its products: to serve their strategic interests and provide comfort and peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their core activity.

With the company's unique expertise as manufacturer and integrator, Safran Nacelles is present throughout the life cycle of the nacelle systems which equip engines in operation, in order to provide quality support and services along with rapid, controlled and customised solutions. Safran Nacelles also applies its sense of innovation to the accompanying of its customers and provides systems service contracts, flight-time nacelle systems services and innovative inspection solutions.

Safran Nacelles' operational excellence

The Safran Nacelles support and service solutions, both global and customized, are based on its operational excellence.

This is made possible by the 3,800 skilled Safran Nacelles personnel working and innovating the world over, ensuring the maintenance and repair solutions, asset management, logistic solutions and technical expertise.

Today, more than 250 customers, of which 200 airline companies, have placed their trust in Safran Nacelles. With the entry into service of the A320neo, planned for 2016, Safran Nacelles' customer airline companies will double around 2020-2025.

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