Fleet Management & Operations

Safran Nacelles team working on A380 nacelle

Safran Nacelles' repair engineering support brings the added value of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) optimized solutions by ensuring full compliance to the initial certification and design performance requirement as the original nacelle designer. Safran nacelles offers:

  • Optimized nacelles retrofit investments
  • Cost reduction in spares and vendor management (risk transfer to OEM)
  • High emergency costs minimization
Operational engineering recommendation

Safran Nacelles has gathered detailed, worldwide fleet operational data over the years. The fleet behavior is recorded to propose appropriate repair and preventive maintenance solutions. With such data, specific technical maintenance advice can be tailored to fit customer missions and usage profile.

The customer benefits from Safran Nacelles' OEM technical expertise with regards to maintenance tasks recommendations. Fleet reliability and its operational availability is optimized by applying Safran Nacelles' recommendations such as customized Service Bulletin analyses.

These solutions also benefit from the innovations sparked by Safran Nacelles' research and technology, notably in the areas of large-structure composite repairs and underwing predictive non-destructive inspections.

Pro-active spares management & replenishment

Safran Nacelles proposes asset management services to its customers, adapted to their operational management.

Safran Nacelles places a large range of components at the disposal of its customers, in the form of shared pool access or dedicated stock. Customers thus have continuous access to dedicated or shared product stock in strategic locations –main operating bases or operating platforms – along with a solution should their aircraft be grounded. The new parts or parts in good operating condition provided by Safran Nacelles are guaranteed to be available within four hours.

Operational continuity

The customer support engineering team's aim is to provide OEM quality technical support in a timely manner. Safran Nacelles offers continued airworthiness solutions to its customers, such as the provision of fly-on authorizations, temporary or permanent repairs, and specific replacement instructions through dedicated Repair Approval Sheets.

Technical publications are continuously updated and made available on Safran Nacelles portal e-library: Service Bulletins, Component Maintenance Manuals.

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