Optimized maintenance activities

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  • Guaranteed serviceable spares availability
  • Proven OEM lifecycle maintenance cost reduction
  • Anticipate and mitigate off-wing repairs
  • Worldwide fleet behavior analysis and customized recommendations
OEM repair solutions

Safran Nacelles Customer Services Engineering aims to provide OEM quality technical support to customers in a timely manner while maintaining the overall performance of the nacelle components.

Safran Nacelles after sales service brings an added value to every optimized solution, while ensuring a perfect compliance with performance requirements and initial certification.

JetLife: mobile app to manage service bulletins on nacelles within a fleet

JetLife is a mobile application that provides the latest service bulletins (SB) for an airline's entire nacelle fleet. As a result, a customer subscribing to JetLife is informed in real-time of what modifications or inspections are required on which nacelles in its fleet.

This mobile application, available 24/7, is customized by an airline to its Safran Nacelles-produced nacelles that equip the Airbus A380, A320neo – and soon, the A330neo.

JetLife is a collaborative platform where the customer can indicate which modifications it has made, aircraft-by-aircraft. Safran Nacelles can follow the nacelle fleet and provide support, advice and recommendations for maximizing operations.

In addition, the JetLife mobile application sends notifications to the customer to advise that a new service bulletin has been issued, that its new aircraft has been integrated in the application or that a SB has been made to components within the access pool.

Soft life maintenance plan

During airframe scheduled maintenance checks, technicians check specific control points on-wing. A finding report is issued to formalize the items.

The Safran Nacelles experts have produced reference databases to offer their customers specific technical advice and preventive maintenance programs adapted to their operating conditions. Their recommendations optimize customers' fleets operational availability.

Customized smart ID card

Safran Nacelles has an overview of the global fleet behavior. Airlines can benefit from this data to evaluate their fleet status compared to the global fleet average.

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