Return & Transition

Maintenance on wing

With increasing commercial aircraft fleet under operating lease, Safran Nacelles wishes to provide the right level of service for prompt and efficient airplane and records delivery back to the owner or to the next operator.

  • Proof of historical maintenance records and traceability
  • Controlled costs
  • Retain asset value
Transition support

Safran Nacelles provides timely assistance during aircraft technical assessment, prior to its effective transfer. OEM expertise is solicited during on wing physical inspection. Proof of historical maintenance records such as repair documents, invoices, and airworthiness forms are available on Safran Nacelles' secured web platform e-services.

Planned phase out

Ahead of an aircraft's withdrawal from operations, the operator must ensure its compliance with re-delivery conditions. Safran Nacelles developed specific inspection and repair work scopes performed during scheduled maintenance checks.

The product value is ensured thanks to OEM nacelle refurbishment expertise.

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