Scheduled maintenance activities

SaM146 platform - repair and overhaul area

Safran Nacelles provides a set of solutions to assist its customers during scheduled maintenance activities:

  •  Interactive technical support
  • Prompt assistance and engineering services
  • Prompt local intervention with OEM expertise
  • Minimize maintenance burden and disruption risk
  • Customer's full control over maintenance budget
Preventive soft life program

Hardware review

During an airframe's scheduled maintenance checks, Safran Nacelle's onsite intervention teams are able to assess the condition of the aircraft's nacelles. Drawing upon data collected on the fleet, specific control points are checked on-wing and a finding review is issued to formalize the items and associated recommended actions.


Following the hardware review, Safran Nacelles develops specific maintenance and repair programs adapted to maturity levels of the material. Safran Nacelles deploys innovative diagnostic tools, allowing the analysis results to be directly obtained without damage to the composite materials.

Field support representative global network

Safran Nacelles representatives are at customers' service to assist in the field, providing the first level of technical support.

The customized on-site technical support services and the standard exchange solutions proposed by Safran Nacelles, defined with each customer according to its needs, ensure that airline companies can confront any unexpected event which their fleet may be exposed to.

Ordering platforms

fran Nacelles offers to its Customers three distinctive channels to place orders and track them: the e-services platform, SPEC 2000 protocol or AeroXchange.

The Safran Nacelles Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service relies on its international distribution center and repair workshop network to guarantee an optimal responsiveness to all of its customers.

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