Unscheduled maintenance activities

An important milestone was attained on April 15, with delivery of the series-production integrated propulsion systems for Airbus’ first A320neo Family airliner that will enter service with LEAP-1A powerplants, scheduled for delivery in mid-2016. Several companies are particularly involved in this achievement: Safran Aero Boosters and Safran Aircraft Engines for the engine (via CFM International), Safran Nacelles for the nacelle, Safran Electronics & Defense for the FADEC 4 and Safran Transmission Systems for power transmission.
  • Minimize operational disruption
  • Worlwide guaranteed pool access
  • Risk transfer to Safran Nacelles
Customer support 24/7: logistics & fly-on authorizations

Safran Nacelles' technical and logistic teams are constantly on duty, ready to help in the event of an aircraft being grounded.

Safran Nacelles offers continued airworthiness solutions to customers such as the provision of fly-on authorizations, temporary or permanent repairs and specific replacement instructions covered through dedicated Repair Approval Sheets.

Short term lease

Subject to availability, rental items are placed in strategic locations to deal with Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations.

The Safran Nacelles standard exchange solutions permit the operational availability of its customers' fleets at all times. The planning of removal operations makes it possible to anticipate and propose replacement components.

The OEM warranty accompanies the major pre-owned parts and components from the Safran Nacelles repair station approved network. This equipment allows Safran Nacelles to propose logistic solutions at a lower cost.

Worldwide MRO network & on-site interventions

All of the Safran Nacelles maintenance and repair solutions are made possible by its presence throughout the world: its AMES joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, its subsidiaries – Safran Nacelles Pont-Audemer in France, Safran Nacelles Services Americas in the USA – and its partners in China, along with its expert network.

As a Part-145 organization, Safran Nacelles mechanics perform critical corrective maintenance. Typical tasks cover inspections, repairs, service bulletin implementations, and on-the-job training for composite and metallic parts.

Presto: a non-destructive testing service used to assess thermal damage on composite structures

Designed by Safran Nacelles, Presto is a non-destructive testing (NDT) service used to assess thermal damage on composite structures. It is part of the NacelleLife™ offer for unscheduled nacelle maintenance.

In developing Presto – which relies on the latest infrared thermography techniques – engineers performed extensive tests on flightworthy components to assess and validate the structures' residual service life. The analysis of thousands of data points resulted in a precise knowledge of structural behavior when composite elements are exposed to thermal stress over time.

The Presto NDT service is carried out by qualified personnel using cutting-edge technology. Its inspection routine, which has been validated by Safran Nacelles' OEM Design Organization Approval, delivers fast results without damage to the composite material.

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