Preparing the future

Safran Nacelles' high-tech industrial expertise enables the company to meet the environmental and economic objectives required by the market, by preparing the integrated propulsion of tomorrow: lighter, quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to maintain.

Thanks to its expertise on all the nacelle components (Air inlet, fan cowls, thrust reverser, exhaust system and EBU), Safran Nacelles devotes its R&T budget to research in innovative solutions in :

  • acoustics to reduce aircraft noise,
  • the application of new materials to reduce weight for greater fuel efficiency,
  • manufacturing processes to reduce costs and increase production quality,
  • the implementation of increasingly electric nacelles for both weight savings and reliability.


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The factory of the Future

Innovating for successful ramp-ups

To ensure the development of an unprecedented number of new programs, Safran Nacelles has carried out numerous projects using the most advanced approaches, processes and technologies. The company can thus meet...

Electroluminescent Marking


Safran Nacelles has developed an innovative luminous marking solution which revolutionizes aircraft visibility. It offers a unique way of promoting a company's identity, providing both an advertising medium and space for artistic expression. The patented...

Our technologies




Acoustics & composites


Safran Nacelles is a leading worldwide nacelle market for aircraft engines. 

Safran Nacelles  Ltd. is the U.K. operation of Safran Nacelles.
The Burnley site performs the nacelles’ components assembly and the manufacture of the composite material parts.

Safran Nacelles' research has focused on composite materials to limit noise pollution, reduce...

Acoustics exhaust


Tuyères - Le Havre

Acoustic technologies have been developed as well for engine nozzles, with the focus on...

Electric nacelle systems


[IMG] Technologies - Inverseur poussée commande électrique


Electric Thrust Reverser Actuation System...

Thrust Reversers

A thrust reverser cycle every



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Safran Nacelles unceasingly searches for and implements solutions to improve the aerodynamic...

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