Aircelle announces its 2012 supplier awards

July 12, 2012

Four manufacturing companies have been designated for Aircelle's 2012 supplier awards, with these winners from the United Kingdom, United States and France recognized for factors that include quality, delivery and cost performance. The contributions of these four companies – Alcore, Chester Hall, Le Piston Français and Indy Honeycomb – were acknowledged at this week's Farnborough Airshow, where Aircelle underscored the importance of a dependable international supply chain during a period of jetliner production ramp-ups, new program starts and a continued drive to control costs.

French honeycomb core manufacturer Alcore received high marks on cost and on-time delivery criteria, and has been an enthusiastic participant in Aircelle's Supplier Development program – an approach used by the company to help improve suppliers' performance. Aircelle's Supplier Development teams based at its production sites in France and the U.K. work closely with certain suppliers to improve efficiency, with the ultimate goal of reducing total cost of ownership.

The recognition of U.K.-based Chester Hall included positive assessments on this company's on-time delivery and reactivity, along with its start-up of Supplier Development program activity with Aircelle. This machining company is a long-time Aircelle supplier. Consistent good performance on quality and delivery were among the attributes for Aircelle's supplier award to Le Piston Français of France, which is specialized in the production of precision mechanical parts for propulsion systems.

Indy Honeycomb of the U.S. was selected for its supplier award based on this company's quality and delivery – including consistently good performance for Aircelle's nozzle center of excellence. Aircelle's 2012 supplier awards marked the fourth year of such recognition within its supply chain.

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