The Silvercrest® nacelle system comes together as an exhibit hologram

October 10, 2014

The new Snecma Silvercrest® jet engine – for which Aircelle has an important nacelle supplier role – was "brought to life" at this month's National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual convention with an eye-catching display on the Safran parent company's exhibit stand using holographic technology.

The holographic display at this week’s NBAA convention provided a 3D view of the Snecma Silvercrest® jet engine and its Aircelle-supplied nacelle components.

Providing an animated 360-deg. view of Silvercrest, the 3D visualization presented the core powerplant, followed by its virtual integration with the nacelle – detailed by all of its major components.

Aircelle has complete nacelle design, production and integration responsibility on Silvercrest engines that will power Dassault Falcon's next-generation Falcon 5X large-cabin business jet. The engine and nacelle combination is being developed as an integrated powerplant system by Snecma and Aircelle, with Aircelle's nacelle components consisting of the air inlet, inner and outer fan ducts, fan cowl doors and the company's patented PERT® thrust reverser.

"Holographic technology is very effective at such events as the NBAA convention in Orlando, Florida," explained Frédérique Thomas, Aircelle's Vice President of Communications. "It provided an excellent opportunity to visually highlight how our nacelle will come together with the Silvercrest engine in a truly integrated powerplant system."

For its application on the twin-engine Falcon 5X, the Silvercrest has a thrust rating of 11,450 lb.

Silvercrest also has been selected by Cessna Aircraft to power its new Citation Longitude premium business jet. The powerplant will have an 11,000-lb. thrust rating for its use on this twin-engine aircraft, with Aircelle's nacelle contribution composed of the inner and outer fan ducts, along with the PERT® thrust reverser.

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