Aircelle’s interactive online application showcases the A320neo LEAP-1A nacelle

Take a closer look at Aircelle’s nacelle for the Airbus A320neo’s LEAP-1A jet engine
Aircelle's app details the major components of the A320neo's LEAP-1A jet engine nacelle system, and also depicts how its thrust reverser deploys during landing.

September 29, 2015

Presenting this new nacelle system, its functions and components for the fast-selling Airbus A320neo, Aircelle's interactive application can now be downloaded from the Apple Store, as well as viewed on the Aircelle website.

This interactive application (app) is a fun and educational tool, allowing the user to discover Aircelle's LEAP-1A nacelle and its characteristics.

The app reveals the features of Aircelle's A320neo nacelle – with 360 deg. and cutaway views of the nacelle system, including its air inlet, fan cowls, thrust reverser, exhaust nozzle and engine build-up (EBU) components. 

Also included in the app is a video of the thrust reverser actuation phase as it occurs during landing, and a wide variety of addition content, from bilingual articles in English and French to images and animations.



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