Nacelle systems

Safran Nacelles is one of the two main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. With more than 19,000 nacelles components in service, Safran Nacelles proposes a range of nacelle systems to suit each type of aircraft: regional jets, business jets and commercial aircraft of more than 100 seats for medium- and long-range travel.

The nacelle is the essential complement to the engine with which it constitutes the aircraft's propulsion system. It holds the engine, optimizes the air flows through the engine and protects the engine from any aggression. It is a high-tech complex system, integrating the thrust reverser, which manages several basic functions such as noise abatement, deicing and the management of internal and external temperature differences, protection from fire and lightning, taking up loads between the engine and the pylon which connects it to the wing, braking (with the thrust reverser) and even the aesthetic appearance of the aircraft, in a harsh environment with numerous constraints.

Forward-looking benchmark nacelle systems

For the last thirty years Safran Nacelles has been manufacturing nacelle systems, from product design to customer support and services. Its nacelle systems currently equip aircraft belonging to more than 250 airline companies in all market segments.

They are of particular renown as a technological reference on the Airbus A380, their thrust reverser being the first in the world to have an Electric Thrust Reverser Actuation System (ETRAS®) which makes the service life of the propulsion system more reliable and contributes to reducing its weight and its maintainability. More-electric nacelle systems are one of Safran Nacelles' proposals for the new generation nacelle systems which benefit furthermore, from Safran's technological progress in the composite material, metal alloy and acoustic treatment fields in order to have an ever lighter, quieter, more aerodynamic and higher performance nacelle systems.

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