Nacelle systems for long-range aircraft

Safran Nacelles is one of the main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. On the long-range commercial aircraft market, Safran Nacelles is the partner of the main aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing. On the Airbus A380, the nacelle systems designed by Safran Nacelles - the first in the world to be equipped with an electrically-actuated thrust reverser - are a technological reference

Airbus A340 -200/-300 Thrust Reversers


Safran Nacelles four-door thrust reversers equip the Airbus A340 -200/-300 provided with four CFM International CFM56 engines.


The A340 -200/-300 Safran Nacelles four-door thrust reversers are composed of 35% of composite materials.


The A340 -200/-300, whose program was started in 1988, came into service in 1992.

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