Nacelle systems for mid-range aircraft

Safran Nacelles is one of the main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. On the medium-range commercial aircraft market, Safran Nacelles is the partner of the main aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, COMAC), and illustrates its technological lead through innovative, lighter, quieter and more electric nacelle systems.

COMAC C919 nacelle system


Nexcelle nacelle systems (from the joint venture owned 50/50 by Safran Nacelles & ST Engineering's Middle River Aerostructure Systems), equip the COMAC C919 powered by two CFM International LEAP-1C engines.

The C919 nacelle and engine form an integrated propulsion system (IPS®), which optimises interfaces between the pylon, nacelle and engine – providing benefits in improved performance and reduced weight.



O-Duct, innovative thrust reverser

It is composed of a single «O»-shaped composite part (O-Duct), replacing the configuration of two «D»-shaped doors. Thus, it improves the aircraft's aerodynamic performance and fuel consumption (by 0.5%, i.e. 300 kg per flight), while increasing the efficiency of the thrust reverser.


Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System

The deployment of the O-Duct is actuated by ETRAS (Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System), which replaces the heavier hydraulic control systems used on thrust reversers, and offers the following advantages:

  • simplified design,
  • weight reduction,
  • simplified maintenance,
  • and elimination of corrosive hydraulic liquids.


Customer support at Safran Nacelles

Customer support and services

C919 customers benefit from responsive 24/7 customer support and a full range of custom services for their nacelles in operation. Thanks to the use of standard tools to open the O-Duct thrust reverser, access to engine equipment is optimised. Attached to the pylon, it may be directly replaced under the aircraft wing, just like any LRU (Line Replaceable Unit). Thus, it may be quickly recommissioned, without having to change the thrust reverser system (TRAS).


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