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When you become part of a Safran Nacelles team, you join a high-tech international company of a human scale, where you will express and develop your skills and know-how in the design of crucial and innovative aeronautic sub-assemblies.

Join Safran Nacelles

With a flourishing activity in all the commercial aviation sectors, Safran Nacelles recruited more than 360 employees in 2019, bringing the total number of personnel worldwide to 4,000.

The Safran Nacelles trades cover all industry sectors - from design, development, engineering, management and production to product support - and are located in France, the UK, Germany, Morocco and Russia, as well as in the USA, China and the United Arab Emirates through its joint ventures, Nexcelle, SAVI Nacelles and AMES. Safran Nacelles also offers a wide variety of jobs in many different fields. With a complete range of products from the business jet to the long haul commercial aircraft, Safran Nacelles gives its talents the opportunity to evolve along with the greatest aircraft & engine manufacturers and operators all over the world.

One of Safran Nacelles' priority is the fulfillment and professional development of its talents and to this end, the company gives its teams the means to develop their skills and know-how: the company devotes more than 4.6% of its payroll to professional training (50,000 hours of training given in France each year).



 Innovate for the Future

State-of-the-art technology and innovation at Safran Nacelles - serving technological and environmental performances - are embodied in numerous leading-edge fields, from composite materials to acoustics, from the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process and its application, to metal alloys and a more electric aircraft. More than 15% of the company's workforce is involved in research and development, to invent the technologies of tomorrow.





Before Safran Nacelles' values are put into practice on a daily basis in their work, they are shared with new employees during a Discovery Week.







The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity of the Safran Nacelles teams reflect their values.

Safran Nacelles' commitments are expressed in the various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects it supports such as the restoration of a secondary school in Morocco and Handisport competitions.

Safran Nacelles also networks externally by working in partnership with training centers, universities, research centers or by taking part in forums to present their trades to future talents.


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