As a first-tier equipment manufacturer, Safran Nacelles counts on the support of a competitive and committed supplier base to meet its customers’ requirements.



Safran Nacelles' management recognizes the mutual benefit of long-term relationships with selected suppliers who are ready to commit to supporting the company's growing business, and who strive for ever-improving performance and business practices.


For suppliers able to meet the strong requirements of its expanding customer base, Safran Nacelles is ready to provide access to the global aerospace market. Safran Nacelles expects from its suppliers:

  • Top quality hardware and the highest standards in business practices
  • A dynamic client approach
  • The ability to compete over the long term in a changing environment




Document exchange portal between Safran Nacelles and its approved suppliers or those in the process of being approved.
For more information, please contact your usual contact person at Safran Nacelles.

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